justphone app

The justphone app is a free application for "smartphones" using Android and iPhone operating systems and is now available through Google Play Store and iTunes Apple Store

It brings to our US$ Calling Account customers the latest features and telecoms advantages you would expect for a 21st Century smartphone application

For existing customers, after downloading the justphone app. access is with the same username and password as for your WAM Portal. You will then have access through the app to your own Calling Account - but loaded with new features such as instant recharge, Voicemail, Private Chat and "Follow Me" with Personal Numbers

Here is our you-tube video with Initial Installation guidelines

For new customers, the justphone app is free, and once downloaded, you will need to register your name and e-mail address with our admin center. Once you have received e-mail (or SMS) confirmation from us of your username and password/PIN, you will be able to accesss your new US$ Calling Account via the justphone app and add credit as required.

Terms of Use

Please see our Enduser License Agreement which relates specifically to this application.